Our goal is to provide your child with a positive football experience in a comfortable envirnment. 
-1st & Goal Staff
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1st & Goal Football Camp
What are the goals for the 1st and Goal Football Camp?

Our goal is to provide a safe and fun environment for children of all ages and skill level. While doing this, we will work with campers to improve their technique and understanding of the game of football. With the help of current high school coaches, players, and former players we will provide individualized instruction for age appropriate groups for all positions. Also, through the use of guest speakers during the week, we hope to help children see how the challenges they face in football are a lot like the challenges they must tackle in their everyday lives. We want to teach children the value of hard work and determination that will carry over into aspects of their life. 

Who is the 1st and Goal Camp for?

This camp is for all children ranging from grades 1st - 8th. Campers with no formal background in football will learn technique, terminology, and positioning on the football field.  
Campers who have played organized football will work on increasing their techniques and skills through drills and games. All campers will experience success on the football field in a fun and friendly environment with the help of coaches and counselors.  

What will my child gain from the 1st and Goal Football Camp?

Through our experienced coaches and staff, our goal is to provide all campers with a solid foundation of technique and skills that will carry over into all athletics they will play. Through organized drills and games, we want our campers to enjoy football and the team building aspects that the sport provides.